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The weekend of July 28 '73, about 600,000 assorted fun seekers got together at a racecourse in Watkins Glen N.Y. with the Dead, The Band and the Allman Brothers.
What a great time, in spite of torential rainfall that turned the whole area into a vast sea of mud!
The Dead delivered a scorching 5 hour set during the high heat of that humid summer day.
It was The Band's last major show before they said goodbye with the Last Waltz. They played 3 hours in the afternoon.
I remember hearing Garth Hudson's spooky organ sounds ushering in that violent storm, embellishing the thunderclaps with his B-3...bringing nickel sized raindrops and swirling winds down on six hundred thousand folks out in the middle of a field. By "jammin with the storm" he really seemed to calm a lot of people down...
The Allman Brothers Band wowed the sweaty, wet masses that evening with a 4 hour set.
The whole thing finished with a mammoth jam
With all 3 bands stretching out far into the night.
Ahh, those were the days...
The days before the forehead of Rock & Roll was stamped with it's corporate identity.
Little did we know...
That obnoxious little freak called Disco
was right around the corner.
We sat right beside that tent on the left...
still, little help when the rains came
it was a hospital tent, already pretty full
with those in much more need than a mere rain soaked pack of smokes.

Here's a map of the concert area.

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Allman Brothers Setlist
Racecourse Watkins Glen, NY
Set I: Wasted Words. Done Somebody Wrong. Southbound.
Stormy Monday. Elizabeth Reed. Come and Go Blues.
Trouble No More.Blue Sky One Way Out.

Set II: Statesboro Blues. Ramblin' Man. Jessica.
Midnight Rider. You Don't Love Me. Les Brers In A Minor.
Whipping Post Jam w/members of Dead & Band.
Mountain Jam. Johnny B. Goode. Not Fade Away.
The Band, ABB, Grateful Dead
... ABB did sound check on 7/27/73 after The Band.
Played Wasted Words, Come and Go Blues, Liz Reed.
Original photos by sabre_fan
Photo D. Betts courtesy Allman Bros Band