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In our world
Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger...
75% are children.
You can help by clicking on The hunger site.
The hunger site

Radio First Termer
Vietnam Pirate Radio
1970 '71

Radio First Termer

Dutch Mason
The Prime Minister of the Blues

The Canadian Web Awards
Recognizing Canadian Websites

Mile's Sidemen
Miles Davis sidemen through the years

Counterculture Authors
Who WAS Emmett Grogan?!?

Burning Man
The Burning Man Festival...One World, One Circus

The Council of Canadians

The Burt Neilson Band

Toon Tracker
Find all your old FAV cartoons here!!

The Air Cooled Jargon File
If it ain't air cooled,it ain't
For all the VW freaks among us!

Reggies Records
Home of The Big Daddy G band

Johnny V's Big List 'O Blues Links
The biggest list of Blues 'n Roots links in the whole round world!
Johnny V's Webhouse
Place in space of the Johnny V Band

Grateful Dead
Lots 'o Dead links

Eye Weekly

Toronto's entertainment
and alternative news

An Astronauts View
Images from the NASA archives...
Pictures of our little round home and the surrounding neighbourhood.

McFun...some truths about McPoison
Shedding a little light on the Shit Shovelers
McSpotlight on McGarbage
Shedding a little more light on the Evil and Greedy Shovelers of Shit deserve a BRICK today.

Family values, Killer industries

What is so wrong with McDonalds?!?
You gotta ASK?!?

Advertising and the Media
Let's get brainwashed into thinking
what they're SELLIN
is what we NEED.
Nicely displayed...but poorly made.

George W. Bush...Asshole

Fear Bush

The G.W. Bush videotape collection

The Underbelly Archive

Woman of Islam...

The Nationals
Place in CyberSpace of the Nationals
Blues band


The Kangaroos
Our jumpin jammin friends...

Get some $$$ for your project

Star Wars Jizz Chords

FTB...Mike Harris
Fight the Bastard

The Killing of Ontario
Ontario Premier Mike Harris and his war on the great unwashed

The Harris Neo-Conservative agenda for Ontario
Big Bad Mike and his band of Nazis

Children of the Bull Market
Good consuming boys and girls

From the Wilderness
Some political commentary from the good 'ol U.S.of A.

Cocaine and the CIA
Biz as Usual

Memories of a SummerJam...
A look back at an historic gathering
SummerJam Watkins Glen '73

Sabre-Fan's original Watkins Glen SummerJam page
This is the original SummerJam's galore!

Caution Jam meets the Merry Pranksters


Go placidy amid the noise and waste...

Little Feat
Feat Feat Feat Feat Feat Feat

The Phil Zone

Hippies 'n Jambands

U.S. Submarines
Custom Subs for that trip to Buffalo

Wezel's Web Pages
Wezel's Art, Music, and Gardening website

Northern Heads
Head News 'o the North

The 30th annual Juno Awards

Canada's Music Awards

The National Lampoon

This is not a toy or a game...this is OFFICIAL BUSINESS
of the National Lampoon

Space Moose

This Moose is Spaced

Mullet's Galore
Fear the Mullet

Friends of the Comfort Zone
Links to bands who play the 'Zone

Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew
Our guitar slingin friend from Moncton N.B.

The Hedonistic Imperative:
The Molecular Biology of Paradise

The fatCats

CanJam 2000
Jam Bands...Canada and beyond

Bob Ziegler
Photography & Visual Design
Neon Art

Dr. Jamie's Event Co-ordination
For all your postering and promo needs.

Multinational Corporations Kill
And get a nice tax break outta the deal!

Laffin the Dark
Website Design
Web Graphics
CD/Cassette Design

A memorial to our loved ones
we've lost
to heroin

The Bonzo Dog Band
Hi there, nice to be with you...

Christer's & Vanja's P.A.W.S. Periodically Amended Web Sites
Blues/Roots Music & Psychedelia

Nicky Hopkins
...Jamming with Edward

JamBand info

JamBand listings/tourdates

KevO's upcoming shows page

JamBand shows in the Hamilton area and beyond


The Canadian charter of Rights and Freedoms

A Spaced Library
Solar System Simulator...try it!

NASA Watch
The Space News Tracker

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